How to Lose Face Fat: 5 Effective Exercises to Try

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Your face is the first thing people will see or notice about you when you meet them. It is only natural to want to do everything you can to make sure it looks its best. When surveyed, most people are more concerned with the look of their face than any other part of their body. If you are concerned with how to lose face fat, don't worry. You are not alone in wanting to make a change.


Why Is It Tricky?

Figuring out how to lose face fat is one of the most tricky obstacles when taking steps to appear more fit. In fact, losing the extra weight in your face is especially hard due to lack of knowledge on targeted face exercises.


It's not like you can go to the gym and hop on a machine that will burn the weight off your face. Your personal trainer isn't going to tell you how to do it, either. This is one area of weight loss where you are completely on your own.


Double chins, puffy cheeks, and flabby jowls are all facial features caused by excess weight. We might believe that as we lose weight from our bodies these facial features remain because they are simply a part of our appearance. Most of the time, though, we can make changes to these features. In the sections that follow, we will discuss how you can start making these changes at home.


What Is Face Fat?

Face fat is, simply, deposits of fat that attach to the tissue of the face. Most commonly, face fat is symptomatic of poor diet, lack of exercise, and all the other habits that create fat deposits elsewhere on the body, as well.


When fat deposits onto the face, it can create a "moon face" appearance where the face appears more round and the bone structure of the face is not as visible. It can also result in double chins, sagging jowls, drooping eyelids, or a thick neck.


Weight issues are not the only cause of face fat, however. If you have experienced a sudden change in the appearance of your face, it might be related to a more serious health issue. An example of this would be Cushing's Syndrome, which is caused by prolonged exposure to excess cortisol.


It might also be related to a thyroid issue, a heart condition, or another malfunction within the body. Seek medical attention if the face becomes suddenly puffier than usual or is accompanied by discoloration, tingling sensations, lack of muscle control, or pain.


Can You Get Rid of Face Fat?

If you have ruled out other causes and are certain that you are not facing a more severe medical issue, you might be wondering how to lose face fat on your own.


The simplest and easiest start to losing face fat is to eat healthier and drink plenty of water. Dehydration and poor diet can both lead to an inability to lose weight as quickly as you'd like. This is true for all parts of the body.


Exercise is also an effective way to lose weight in your face. Believe it or not, there are specific exercises targeted for the face.


How to Lose Face Fat With These 5 Exercises

The following exercises are specifically designed to target different parts of the face. We encourage you to give them a try and see how they work for you. Remember that doing the exercises properly is important. Be sure you follow the directions closely to ensure you do not work the wrong muscles or possibly injure yourself in the process.


Raise Your Cheekbones Using "Jaw Chews"

This exercise will also help to chisel your jawline. To do this exercise, keep your head straight, looking forward with your eyes at an even level to your face.


Next, close your mouth, but move your jaws as if you are chewing an imaginary piece of gum. Begin humming as you chew, taking deep breaths to support the humming.


After a while, open your mouth and press your tongue downward against the bottom of your lower teeth, holding for five seconds. Inhale deeply, then exhale.


Repeat this exercise ten times.


Fish Lips Work the Jowls

If you have flabby jowls or the round "moon face," we talked about earlier, this is an exercise that might help. When done properly, this exercise will give your face more definition and, frankly, it's kind of fun!


Staring straight ahead, pull your cheeks and lips in tight to create "fish lips." While holding the fish lips, attempt to smile. Hold this for five seconds, then release.


Repeat this exercise ten times. You will feel this exercise begin to work pretty quickly after you start doing it. It may create some soreness in your cheek muscles and jaw. It is recommended that the first few times you only do it five repetitions to be sure you aren't overworking the muscles.


Once you are comfortable with the exercise, you can increase the repetitions if you like. This is one of the most effective facial exercises, so you will begin to notice results pretty quickly.


Tight Eyes Eliminate Chubby Cheeks

This is a simple exercise that can be done at any time of day (except maybe when driving). It also will work fast to get rid of chubby cheeks and help lift the cheekbones. This is a key part of the face to focus on as fat in this area can affect the overall shape of the face, masking any work you do elsewhere.


To do this exercise, you need to first close your eyes tightly. You should feel your cheek muscles flex as you do this. Once you feel the cheek muscles tighten, hold the exercise for ten seconds. Relax for ten seconds, then repeat. Do this at least five times, but no more than ten.


This is another exercise that might create some soreness or stiffness in the face. Start with fewer repetitions and work your way up if you are concerned that pain or tightening may affect you in the following days.


Invisible Mouthwash Works Your Double Chin

Here's another exercise where you might feel silly, but will be pleased with the results in the end. One of the primary concerns when researching how to lose face fat is the process of eliminating a double chin. This simple exercise targets double chins specifically.


Sitting in a chair with your back straight, staring straight ahead. Inhale, then exhale, catching some of the breath in your mouth to create a bubble. Swish this bubble as if it were mouth wash, taking care to move the jaw repeatedly as you do.


Do this for ten seconds at a time, then relax for ten seconds. Repeat the exercise five times for the first week. After the first week, feel free to do more repetitions as desired.


Blowing Air Works all Facial Muscles

To exercise all your face muscles, do this simple exercise at least once a day.


Sit in a chair with your back straight and lean your head back as far as you can comfortably manage, looking upward toward the ceiling. Next, pull your lips together as if you are going to kiss, but stop short. Your lips should be creating a small, open "O."


Blow air out your mouth, then hold for ten seconds. Start with ten repetitions daily, but feel free to move up after the first week. This is probably the most effective facial exercise that exists for exercising all points of the face.


How Soon Till I See Results?

If done correctly, these exercises will help you lose face fat within the first couple of weeks. You should start to see small, subtle changes that will develop into larger changes over time. With any exercise, you will feel sore at first; but stick with it. The results come from the pain and discomfort.


It's prudent to state that, as with most exercises, the ones listed here will be more effective on some than others. Most importantly, if you want to quickly enhance the look of your face, the first and most important step is to smile. Not only does a smile work the muscles of the face, but it also instantly makes you look more approachable and happy. Happy is always attractive!



If you were confused about how to lose face fat, we hope that we have offered advice that you can build from. Losing the weight from your face is a difficult and frustrating process, but one where you can see results from the right amount of effort and lifestyle change.


A healthy diet, staying hydrated, smiling more often, and following these simple facial exercises will shave ounces off your face and leave you feeling healthier and more beautiful than ever before. You will soon be proud of how you look in photos and feel more confident when speaking with or meeting new people.

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