Our Favorite High Cut Swimsuits for Summer 2019

One of the hottest trends for swimwear this year comes straight from the 1980s. We've all seen pictures of our moms wearing high cut swimsuits. It was a killer look back then -- and it's even sexier now.

High cut swimsuits are arguably the most flattering style of swimwear, and they look great on almost everybody.

Gone are the days of the low-slung hipster bikinis, androgynist straight up and down silhouettes, and boy short shapes. The new look is all about the curves. And nothing shows off those curves better than high cut swimsuits. There was a time that high cut bikinis were only for waif-like supermodels. However, the new updated 80s rage is all about celebrating voluptuous women of all shapes and sizes.

It's true that all fads aren't for everyone, but this is one of those trends that you really should try. It's uber flattering regardless of your body type. You don't need a perfect body to sport the Baywatch look, but baring more skin will take a bit of extra confidence. You may have to channel your inner Pamela Anderson.

There's a Lot to Love About High Cut Swimsuits

There are several reasons that we love the high cut swimsuits this summer. The super high leg look isn't just a killer new trend. It's also a very practical problem solver. Are you short, or do you have short legs? Do you want to look slimmer? Well, the high cut swimsuit can help with that.

Legs for days

Things sure are getting leggy up in here! The first thing that you'll notice when you put on one of the high cut swimsuits is that your legs look instantly longer. Pulling the fabric up to your hip bones adds inches to your gams. Some of them go high enough to graze your rib cage, and it results in adding several inches to your legs.

Experts agree that the best way to elongate your legs, especially if you have short legs, is to wear a high cut swimsuit. If you're feeling especially brave, try going with a thong that will give you even more length.

The creative directors for the swimwear line BOSSA, Charissa Trikos and Connie Dritsas, say that higher is better this summer. They added, “Everyone wants to show off side boobs, butts, and hips. The Kardashian shape has really come back into our culture, and this design really elongates the leg — meaning the wearer looks taller and slims out the thigh as well.”

The shrinking waistline

Another reason that we love the look of high cut swimsuits is that they give the illusion of shrinking your waistline.

Roxane Uzureau is the head designer at Sheridyn Swim, and she says that high cut swimsuits do wonders for a woman's silhouette. “This design has an optical illusion that draws the eye line to the waist, and because your waist will always be smaller [than the hips], it gives the optical illusion of looking slimmer overall.”

You can accentuate your waistline even more if you try a high cut, high-waisted bikini. High waisted bikinis are another huge trend this season.

Look 10 feet tall

Okay, well you might not look 10 feet tall, but you'll definitely look taller than you are. High cut swimsuits, especially the sexy one-pieces, will instantly add height to your frame.

Ms. Uzureau says, "It really is the most flattering cut for every body shape. You want the opening to be above the hipbone because the higher the leg opening — the taller the wearer will look.”

If you want to look even taller, try a high cut swimsuit with vertical lines.


Can I Wear High Cut Swimsuits If I Have Curvy Hips?

Absolutely! One of the things that we love about the look is that it accentuates voluptuous curves. That's the whole point. Don't hide those curves. Show them off!

If you have curvy hips, you can absolutely pull off a high cut swimsuit, but it's essential that you pay attention to the fit. If your swimsuit is cutting into your skin, you should take a pass or go up a size.

Larger hips look especially great in high cut high-waisted suits. They will not only define your waist and elongate your legs, but these swimsuits are also ideal if you carry your weight in your hips. The high-waisted bikinis will disguise love handles by covering and tucking in all the right places.


High Cut Bikinis to Die For

Here are some of our favorite high cut bikinis this year. We especially love the high-waisted high cut suits. They are super cute and ultra-flattering on every body type.

Image screenshot via Instagram

We love this cute high cut bikini. Animal print swimsuits are big this year.



The image screenshot via Instagram

Another big look this summer is metallics.



Image screenshot via Instagram

You can't go wrong with a black bikini, especially if it's high cut and high-waisted.



Image screenshot via Instagram
This adorable high cut green bikini shows another big look this summer with the one shoulder strap. This style is simple but very flattering, especially if you have broad shoulders.


This image screenshot via Instagram

See? I told you that we love the animal print this season. And we love this one!



Image screenshot via Instagram

Actress Vanessa Hudgens shows off her cute high cut, high-waisted bikini.



Image screenshot via Instagram

We really love these rose and rust bikinis. The thick waistband on these suits is super flattering. These suits will make your legs look longer, and your waist look smaller. You have to love that!



This image screenshot via Instagram

This blue and green bikini set is too cute. This shows you a great example of mixing and matching styles and colors with the top and bottom.



Image screenshot via Instagram

We love the simple black bikini, but this one also utilizes the metallics look, and it's full of sparkles. What's not to love about that?



Image screenshot via Instagram

This high cut floral bikini is another of our favorites this summer.



High Cut One Pieces That Are Even Sexier than Bikinis

There was a time that one-piece swimsuits were matronly and dowdy. However, these new high cut swimsuits are not your granny's suits. Not even close. These one pieces are so hot that you may think twice about putting on that bikini.

Some of the other trends that are big this summer are animal prints, cutouts, thongs, and metallics. Here are a few of our favorites. You can't go wrong with these sexy suits.


Image screenshot via Instagram

We've been talking about the animal print trend this year, and this blue snakeskin one-piece fits right in. It's just gorgeous!



The image screenshot via Instagram

Don't be afraid to show a little side boob.



Image screenshot via Instagram

Cutouts are another huge look for one-pieces this year.



Image screenshot via Instagram

We love the animal print just as much in the one-piece as the bikini. If you're feeling daring, try a thong.



The image screenshot via Instagram

The higher the cut, the longer the legs, the better!



Image screenshot via Instagram

This classic brown suit is super flattering with the high cut legs.



Image screenshot via Instagram

Orange is another great color this year.



The image screenshot via Instagram
This classic black high cut one-piece looks great on just about everybody.



Image screenshot via Instagram

This gorgeous white and metallic blue suit is another classic look that will flatter everybody.



Image screenshot via Instagram

You work hard on those legs in the gym. Show them off!



Avoid These 6 Swimsuit Fails This Summer

These are six very common mistakes that women make with their swimwear.

1. You're still wearing your old favorite go-to swimsuit

We're all creatures of habit. And when you have a favorite swimsuit, it can be hard to give it up. The problem with wearing the same old swimsuit year after year is that time has a way of breaking down elastic. That bikini might have been the cat's meow 10 years ago, but now it just looks dated and saggy. I'm trying to help you avoid the saggy butt syndrome here. No one wants to see that.

It's time to update your swimsuit drawer. If you just can't bear to give up your old favorite bikini, no problem. Stick with the style that works for you, but buy a new one.

2. You aren't considering your activities when you choose a swim style

When you're deciding which of the high cut swimsuits that you want, it's crucial to think about what activities you will be doing in it. Are you getting a new swimsuit for just lounging in the sun? Or are you planning on swimming laps, diving into the pool, and water skiing? Save yourself the embarrassment of losing your top the second you hit the water. Instead, look for more supportive sporty styles. You can still look super cute with a functional swimsuit.

3. You're not getting enough support in your top

If you have a larger chest, I'm talking to you. Look for swimsuits that give you plenty of support. There are tons of cute styles out there that won't leave you with saggy boobs or flattened out pancake boobs. Try going for styles that use wider bands and straps.

4. You're scared that bikinis won't look good on you

You shouldn't be afraid to try a bikini. Believe it or not, bikinis look good on almost everyone. If you don't want to show as much skin, try going for a high waisted bikini. The super cute retro look is flattering on every body type.

If bikinis just aren't your thing, don't stress over it. This year the one pieces are even sexier than the bikinis. You can't go wrong either way.

5. You buy your swimsuits sets in the same size

This is a mistake that a lot of us make. The truth is very few women are the same size on top as they are on the bottom. When you buy your top and bottom in the same size, you can end up with a saggy butt, gaping or too-full cups, or leg holes that squeeze you in all the wrong ways leaving you with bulges. None of that is good.

The solution to this problem is to mix and match. Try mixing styles and colors for a whole new look. You can even mix and match brands. Just make sure that you get the correct size for both your top and bottom.

6. You avoid the cutest styles because they might give you weird tan lines

Some of the really cute high cut swimsuits this year have straps or cutouts that could leave you with odd tan lines. Don't miss out on the cutest looks because of that! If you wear sunscreen of at least SPF 30, you should be fine. You'll be safer, too.

One Last Thing

The key to pulling off the new high cut swimsuits trend is confidence. Confidence is just plain sexy. Unfortunately telling you to be confident is easier said than done. Insecurities creep in for all of us. My best advice to you is to fake it until you make it. Even if you feel self-conscious, you can still strut around the pool like you're the most confident person in the world. Be your unique, beautiful self. Own it.

The truth is, no one is going to notice that your confidence is fake. All other people will see is how amazing you look. That will build your confidence until you no longer have to fake it.

Another piece of advice that I would give you is to stop being catty about other women in their swimsuits. Women can be the harshest judges of other women. I know I've been guilty about that in the past. But when I point out to my friend that some stranger shouldn't be wearing that bikini, I am disrespecting myself as much as another woman.

Stop being so critical of yourself, and also don't be critical of others. Try instead to think of a compliment for every woman that you see. If you're feeling particularly sweet, share that compliment. Turning that negativity around will make you feel more positive about others, and that will make you feel more positive about yourself.

Seriously, my friends, you are beautiful just as you are, no matter your shape or size. So go put on those high cut swimsuits and let's have some fun in the sun this summer!

Featured Image: Pixabay License, by JillWellington, via Pixabay

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