What Is High Fitness? How to Get Started Today

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CrossFit, Cardio Bar, Zumba, Pilates and yoga move on over. There's a new fitness craze in town that claims to have figured out the age-old question: How do you get people to exercise and love it? Well, have you heard of High Fitness? This effective new high-energy workout has taken old school 1980s aerobics and given it a fun new makeover. It's bigger, better, and higher.

High Fitness is a super-intense, super-fun workout based on interval training and is set to popular music that gets your heart and energy pumping. It's a body sculpting method that is both hardcore and challenging enough for athletes, yet easy-to-follow and doable for neophytes of all levels of fitness and ages.

Learn more about High Fitness and shift your own exercise into high gear! High Fitness is highly addictive and produces amazing results. But expect to work out super hard, because exercise doesn't work unless you do it! Not only that, you will be part of an amazing community and lifestyle, as pretty much any devotee can attest.

What Is High Fitness?

In a nutshell, High Fitness is a challenging but fun fitness class based on interval training and intense yet easy-to-follow fitness choreography all done to the tunes of pop music you know and love. The carefully choreographed class alternates between intense cardio peaks and toning tracks, which are designed to maximize a high-caloric burn and full-body toning. You'll get into great shape without realizing it because you'll have so much fun!

The exercise regimen was founded by a woman from Utah and her Canadian friend, Emily Nelson and Amber Zenith, in 2014. The two fitness instructors—with hundreds of classes and exercise experience between them—thought there needed to be a kind of class that was not only fun but super intense as well. Their mantra was: "Mix the fun with the fitness and put it together." Today there's a vast and varied High Fitness fitness community that spans the Western United States up into Canada.

High Fitness vs. Aerobics

Picture a class like an old school aerobics class that has been taken to fabulous, highly addictive new heights, aka aerobics 2.0. The aerobics comparison is only appropriate in the sense that High Fitness combines simple steps and techniques, such as HIIT (high-intensity intermittent exercise) and plyometrics (jump squats, burpees, tuck jumps), with music most folks know and love. It's crazy fun, intense, and endorphin-producing thanks to heart rate-boosting cardio peaks and more “chill” toning tracks that will take your strength to the next level.

Qualities of a Typical High Fitness Class

The focus of a High Fitness class is on feeling great, having fun and doing a super-intense workout to pop music, doing both interval training and easy-to-follow fitness choreography. Here's a summary of attributes you can expect from a High Fitness workout:

  • Hardcore
  • Fun
  • Choreographed to be consistent and easy to follow
  • Challenging
  • Plays upbeat pop music
  • Alternates between cardio peaks and toning tracks
  • Great for athletes
  • Just as doable for beginners
  • Fantastic for all ages
  • Super-motivated and motivating instructors
  • No one left behind
  • Designed for people of all ages and stages
  • Non-judgmental, welcoming environment

Benefits of a High Fitness Class:

With this hardcore workout, you can easily burn around 10 calories per minute. That's a whopping 600 calories per hour! But there are many other great benefits, ranging from toning and body sculpting to strength training, increased flexibility, improved agility, overall body conditioning, and weight loss.

  • High-calorie burn
  • Full body toning
  • Increased strength and muscle tone
  • Increased agility and flexibility
  • Feeling good and positive
  • Being part of a community


How Can You Learn High Fitness?

The founders of High Fitness designed their hardcore yet fun exercise regimen so that literally anyone can do it. They say their classes attract anyone from hip young dancers to older women and 70-year-old men. That is because their choreography is easy to follow and consistent, consisting of core fitness moves. And while there's choreography, High Fitness is not a dance class. It is a complete body sculpting workout that anyone can quickly master.

Don't get frustrated. No one is an instant pro, and it might take a few times to get the routine down, which is part of the normal learning process for taking up any new exercise routine. Most importantly, have fun. The steps, cardio capacity, and strength will come over time and you will reap infinite amazing rewards if you stick with it.


Information on How to Get Started in High Fitness

High Fitness classes are independently run and operated by individual instructors, or by the location where they are held. Class rates vary according to the discretion of the operator, instructor, and location and/or instructor. To find a class near you, go to the High Fitness website at https://highfitness.com and select “Find a Class” in the header. You can find classes in more than 300 cities North America-wide.

Most High Fitness classes operate on a drop-in basis. There's no need to register ahead. You can show up at the location of your choice. Just be sure to come a little early to sign in. Most locations offer a “First Time Free” class, but check with their policies beforehand.

Wear Suitable Gear

What to bring and wear? Come in supportive sneakers and whatever breathable workout gear you feel most supported, comfortable, and free in. Be prepared to sweat profusely, so be sure to bring water for your sweaty blast.

You can also familiarize yourself with the routine first via videos you may find on YouTube and especially via their Instagram at @high.fitness, where they have 17.5k followers.


Can You Do High Fitness at Home?

Well, in theory, yes, but not really. The success and power of a hardcore, high-intensity and crazy fun High Fitness workout is based on several factors that work so well in combination: the choreographed routine, the inspiring music that's blasting, the super-motivating instructors that push you to new limits, and the amazing group energy of all working out extremely hard together.

Classes Are Best 

Of course, you can take elements of the practice and do them at home, such as some sets of so-called curtsy lunges, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, or burpees, but nothing beats the group experience in a super-fun, packed setting. It is unlikely that you feel motivated to do 99 mountain climbers on your own, but in a High Fitness class you'll be so pumped and have such a blast; it will be a cinch. The cardio songs push you up for ultimate calorie burning, while the toning tracks take things back down for body sculpting.

Interested in Teaching High Fitness?

If you're interested in getting certified in High Fitness and becoming an instructor, the first step is to sign up for a so-called Instructor Training happening across the United States and Canada. During this one-day training session, you will learn all the skills and tools you need to teach and run your own High Fitness classes. A training day starts with a master class taught by a so-called High Fitness Guru, or expert trainer.

The second step involves completing the training process and signing up for your instructor membership. This step also involves taking the time you need to hone your skills and submitting a video of yourself mock teaching. Never taught fitness? No problem. By the time you're ready to teach, you will be thoroughly prepared.


High Fitness is utterly addictive. While the workout is super popular with women, perhaps because of its choreographed dance elements, men are no strangers to classes either. High Fitness really has mass appeal and is designed for all levels, pushing participants to new limits while they have a blast and stay safe. The moves are pretty basic overall, thus easy to learn and follow. But while they are simple, they are by no means easy. Prepare to possibly work out harder than you ever have!

High Fitness releases a new track every week, called HIGH song of the week. This way things never get old and repetitive. They have more than 300 tracks in their library, all choreographed to music you know and love. Fitness does not need to be daunting, scary, or intimidating. It should be fun and truly life-changing.

That's why High Fitness, from the very beginning, was based much more on feeling good inside than looking Instaperfect. The transformation happens from the inside out. It's also not based on competition, but on feeling welcome no matter what and finding commonality with others, realizing that most people have the same fears, trepidations, and insecurities.

Ready to experience joy and a whole new high while losing weight, toning your body, gaining strength, flexibility, more energy, a positive new outlook on life, a new sense of health and well-being, and a community of like-minded, extremely supportive folks? Look for a High Fitness class near you. You might not be able to do a burpee for the first month, but you will feel so great you will keep at it. High Fitness recommends giving yourself three classes of a fair try before you decide it's just too hard for you. Fun is guaranteed!

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